Available Volunteer Opportunities

The following Volunteer Opportunities are currently available with OLLB:


OLLB is currently seeking Volunteers to fill the following ON-FIELD positions for the the Spring 2017 season:

  • Managers
  • Coaches

Indicate your interest in becoming a Volunteer by clicking on the ‘Register As Volunteer’ link when registering your child in the LeagueGM system.





POSITION: The Treasurer is a Director and an Officer of the Corporation. The office holder designate must first be an elected Director. The holder designate is then appointed to the office by a vote of the Board of Directors.

REPORTING: The Treasurer reports to the President.

DUTIES: The Treasurer has three key responsibilities. First and foremost, the Treasurer is responsible for ensuring that the financial assets of OLLB are safeguarded and controlled.

Secondly, the Treasurer ensures that appropriate financial and management information is made available to the Board of Directors (and to parents) to meet OLLB’s accountability and decision-making needs. Finally, the Treasurer provides sound financial and operational advice to helpensure that good business practices are adopted and followed by the League.

The Treasurer is responsible to:

  1. Receive all monies and securities, and deposit same in a depository approved by the Board of Directors.
  2. Keep records for the receipt and disbursement of all monies and securities of OLLB, approve all payments from allotted funds and draw cheques therefore in agreement with policies established in advance of such actions by the Board of Directors. All disbursements by cheque must have dual signatures.
  3. Prepare an annual budget, under the direction of the President, for submission to the Board of Directors at the beginning of the financial year.
  4. Co-operate with the auditor in the preparation of an annual financial report for submission to the Membership at the Annual General Meeting.
  5. Prepare and deliver the Yearly Financial Report to the Annual AGM.
  6. Perform such other duties as the President may, from time to time, direct.


The first and most important responsibility of the Treasurer is to ensure that the financial assets of OLLB are safeguarded and controlled. The Treasurer accomplishes this by ensuring an appropriate financial management framework is in place and is adhered to. The key elements of this framework are:

  1. Establish proper controls and accountability for the use of Corporate funds, including appropriate signing authorities for the issuance of cheques.
  2. Establish proper controls and accountability for the receipt of all League monies.
  3. Ensure that good business practices are developed and followed in all aspects of the OLLB’s operations.
  4. Establish a proper budgetary framework.
  5. Develop and maintain an appropriate investment strategy to make the best use of corporate financial resources.
  6. Provide appropriate advice to other Officers of the Corporation on the financial implications of operational decisions.

The second important function is to maintain proper financial records and books of account of the operations of OLLB. These records and reports must be capable of providing the following information to the Directors:

  1. Reconciliation of accounting records with bank statements.
  2. Monthly income/expense/bank reconciliations for the Board.
  3. Comparisons of actual performance to prior years' and budgeted amounts.
  4. All information necessary to prepare audited financial statements.
  5. Information on high risk transactions (generally, high dollar expenditures).
  6. Annual information about the cost of operations by division, for operational and decision-making purposes.
  7. Other such analyses and reports as are required by the Directors in order to make good business decisions.

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