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Just in time for Christmas!
Looking for a great Christmas gift for your young player or an avid fan? Why not buy some Red Sox swag? A portion of each sale goes back to the association to support the future of #OLLB


Little League Baseball is BACK in Orleans!

Practices have started this week in Coach Pitch, Minor, Major, Junior, and Senior!!

Of course appropriate COVID safety measures are in place!


Reminder for all #ollb parents: if you haven’t already, please fill out the survey we have created for #ollb parents!

Login to your leagueGM account to get to the survey!

Thank you!

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Welcome to Orleans Little League

2020 Spring Registration is now OPEN (january 4, 2020)

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WANTED: Photos of our players in action!

Send images of your team to post on the site here.



Practice Guides & Plans

Practice Guides & Plans are for use by all Teeball, Coach Pitch, Minor, & Major coaches and are available for download on the Programs page.