4/27 – Message from Rob Lay, VP – Baseball Operations

The City of Ottawa has directed that due to wet conditions and the possibility of long term damage, playing fields are off limits for the time being.
While there is the possibility that games scheduled for next week may be cancelled, we are at this time advising you all to be ready to play as planned.
In recent years, similar messages have come from the City only to be reversed within a few days.
We of course want to say “play ball!” as much as your kids do, and don’t want to lose a week of baseball unless we absolutely must.
Once we have full clarity, we will update our website and send you all a message as far in advance of games planned for Monday as possible.
Very sorry for the uncertainty, but rest assured we will share information with you as developments arise.
Rob Lay


4/24 – Communications were received from the City of Ottawa regarding the start of field use, as follows:

From: C.R. – City of Ottawa
To: Allan Tremblay OLLB Field Scheduler
Sent: Monday, April 24, 2017 10:50 AM
Subject: RE: Field Availability
Hello Allan,
The advisory is for all ball diamonds and sportsfields, the ball diamonds are very wet and there is still winter burn on sections of the outfield.  To ensure we protect our fields from prolonged closures due to early use damage we are asking all groups to remain off the field until an official notice.   We met with our Parks Maintenance team and they suggested that a May 8th date may be possible.  We rely on the expertise of our Parks team who have the best interest of our users and our assets.
There are no exceptions being granted at this time, if weather improves drastically we will revisit the opening date.
Thank you
The following was posted to the Councillor Jody Mitic – Innes Ward Facebook page:

This page will be updated as new details become available.

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