Congratulations to all who participated, it was a great day. Thank you to all volunteers whom without them the day would not be possible.

Winners for each division:


Overall winner – Mason Charbonneau

Run Champ – Lucas Baxter

Throw Champ – Mason Charbonneau

Hit Champ – Liam Paul


Coach Pitch

Overall Winner – Clement Raymond Tsai

Run Champ – Tyler Benoit

Throw Champ – Jake Popowych and Liam Matheson tied

Hit Champ – Clement Raymond Tsai



Overall Winner – Fletcher Bouzan

Run Champ – Callum Taylor

Throw Champ – Fletcher Bouzan

Hit Champ – Isak Gauthier



Overall Winner – Tyson Lay

Run Champ – Raphael Gingras

Throw Champ – Koby Warren

Hit Champ – Tyson Lay


Coach Pitch players and up are invited to the sectionals on Sunday, May 26. Winners, please see for updated details.

Lisa Weston

Tel: 819-934-1861


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