2022 Summer Registration

Will open on May 16 and close June 10 (with those intending to play all star closing May 26,2022)


Summer registration is now open. All current players were sent at email this morning (May 16) on how to proceed with information on the closing date. Note that both Spring and Summer seasons are open on LeagueGM so it is important that they use the registration option at the bottom of their profile (this image was included in the email).

New registrants will automatically default to the summer season.

OLLB Summer Fees – 2022
Division                    Fee
T-Ball (no travel, all games in Orleans)$140 
Coach Pitch$170 
Minor All-Star$240* 
Major All-Star$260* 
Junior All-Star$295* 
* = Additional fees required should athlete make the team

Information on the programs we offer can be found at https://orleanslittleleague.ca/about/programs/

Did you know that OLLB offers 2 separate baseball seasons, one that runs during the spring and one that runs during the summer.   Our Spring Season runs from May to mid-June and our Summer Season runs from July to mid-August.  Currently we are accepting registration for our Spring Season.  Registration for our Summer Season will open in mid-May.  

During the Spring season, our younger players (12 and younger) will play other Orleans Little League teams.  Our older players will play against​ teams from across the city.  T-Ball and Coach Pitch teams will have a practice followed by a game 2 nights a week and Minor and up teams will typically play 2 games during the week and have 1 practice on the weekend.  Our spring season focuses on encouraging player development, team work and most importantly having fun.

Summer baseball is the second half of the Orleans Little League Baseball Season and runs in July and August. There is a misconception that the Summer program is only for competitive players, this is not the case. The goal of our Summer program is to continue developing the skills that players learned during the Spring program.  It is also an opportunity to experience inter-league play against teams across the city. 

Both seasons are intended to ensure all players learn and develop their baseball skills while having fun playing recreational baseball.  The model for both seasons ensures that players of the same caliber will only play against each other.

Whether it’s your daughter or son’s first year playing ball or their 10th year, Orleans Little League will offer a program that is suited to their skills.

Information on the programs we offer can be found at https://orleanslittleleague.ca/about/programs/