Canadian Little League Travel Ball Program (TBP)

Canadian Little League Travel Ball Program (TBP)


Success in playing baseball is a matter of developing instinctive reactions and muscle memory. In this context, although playing games is fun, “practice makes perfect”, as the saying goes. This is why OLLB puts so much effort into practices. We provide managers and coaches with as much training as possible so they can use practice time wisely. We arrange joint practices where possible so resources are used more effectively.

In an effort to provide even more opportunities for Little Leaguers – and particularly the more talented players – to play baseball, Little League International has approved a Canadian Travel Ball Program (TBP). This program is chartered and operated at the District level and provides for league- or interleague-based “travel teams” to play more baseball over a wider area and for a longer season than is allowed by existing Little League rules.

As there are a lot of unknowns in the operation of this new program, OLLB has decided to experiment with a travel team at the Major level in 2016, managed by Eric Louis-Seize, our Manager of Coach and Player Development. Membership in the team will be offered to players based on the results of their spring evaluation. Travel team players must participate fully in the normal Instructional League program. Through this they will all be qualified to be selected to the OLLB Tournament Team. The travel team program will run in addition to (or on top of, if you wish) the regular program. Players will be expected to meet both the full Instructional Season schedule (two games and one practice per week) plus the practice and games schedule developed by the travel team manager.

Although extra resources will be required – field slots, umpires, equipment, balls, etc – we have decided to forego an additional OLLB fee for the first year. There may be additional fees required for possible tournament and travel costs as the travel ball season develops.


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