Emergency Action Plan (EAP)

Every on-field volunteer should be prepared to act in the event of an emergency. Whether you have received First-Aid training or not, here are a few simple steps you take BEFORE heading to the field that will have your team prepared to act quickly:

  1. Know your team – identify parents who are First Responders on your team (doctors, nurses, paramedics, police officers, fire fighters, and those trained in First Aid)
  2. Assign tasks – idnetify your Call Person (person who calls 9-1-1), Greeter (person who goes to the main access point to guide emergency vehicles to the scene), Responders (those performing treatment), and Director (person in charge of the scene).
  3. Nearest hospital/urgent care facility. For Orleans – Urgent Care on Place D’Orleans Blvd., Montfort Hospital on Montreal Rd. at Aviation Pkwy., General Hospital on Smythe Rd.
  4. Discuss safety plan – make this a part of your Parents’ Meeting agenda.


Incident Reports

For any on-field incident requiring treatment further than application of a band-aid, please complete the Incident/Injury Tracking Form noting any first aid supplies that were used and submit to

These forms serve as documentation of events that will help track incident trends/types and ensure that first-aid kits remain properly stocked at our fields.


Insurance Claims

Little League provides extended insurance coverage.

In the event that treatment by healthcare professionals is required, with costs exceeding the player’s (parents’) personal health/dental insurance coverage, the player (parent) can complete and submit an Accident Claim Form to Little League headquarters in Williamsport, PA.



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