OLLB Education Scholarship
2011 Josh Dunn (Ottawa U)
Matthew O’Connor (Queen’s)
Ottawa Hitmen Education Scholarship
2012 Alex Gagne
2011 Brian Hughes
Tyas Montgomery
Phil Hache



(Updated September 2016 – Revised deadline Oct. 15, 2016)

1. The OLLB Education Scholarship is designed to assist OLLB players and ex-players with educational expenses and to promote the OLLB as an organization which fully supports the combination of sports and advanced education. The scholarship has a value of $500.00 and is paid from interest earned on OLLB reserve funds.

2. Monies which were transferred to OLLB in trust from the Hitmen Baseball Club on its demise will fund a second identical scholarship, entitled the Hitmen Baseball Club Education Scholarship.

3. It is anticipated that the two scholarships will be awarded each year, capital permitting. To be eligible to receive a scholarship, applicants must meet the eligibility criteria outlined below.


4. The following are the criteria for Applicants to be eligible for an OLLB Scholarship:

a) Applicants must be have been Player Members of OLLB for a minimum of two seasons.

b) Applicants must be entering their first year of post-secondary education.

c) Applicants must be enrolled in a university/community college recognized by the Association of Universities or Colleges of Canada ( or Association of Canadian Community Colleges ( . OLLB may also consider first year attendance at a foreign university or college.


5. The following items make up an application:

a) An official transcript of marks from the most recent or last completed year of education. (40% of total score)

b) A 750 – 1000 word essay on the effects that Little League Baseball had or will have on the applicant, his/her motivation and his/her achievements in life. Essays will be judged on content and presentation (40% of total score)

c) A statement by the applicant explaining why he/she should be awarded the scholarship and discussing his/her goals for future education and career path. This statement will be evaluated on content and presentation (20% of total score).

6. Applications will be accepted up to and no later than October 15, 2016  by mail at:

Cynthia Beaudin
Attn:  Orleans Little League Baseball Inc.
6595 Des Chouettes Lane
Orleans, ON
K1C 6N4

Alternatively, applications can be made via email to the Manager – Scholarship Program.

Successful candidates will be chosen by the OLLB Board of Directors and notified by telephone from the Board. An award cheque will be presented upon the successful applicant enrolment at a recognized post-secondary institution. Applicants will not be informed of their specific ranking, and the decision of the OLLB Board shall be final. There is no appeal process.

7. Questions should be forwarded to the President or the Manager – Scholarship Program.

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