Years of Service Award


Many thanks and congratulations go to
Bernie Hughes (15 Years, at left), Brad Montgomery (10 Years, at right), and Patrick Lacombe (10 Years, absent)
for their Years of Service to OLLB.

All were recognized at the 2015 AGM on March 30th and is pictured here with OLLB President Gordon Crookston (center).


2017 Brett Brown Senior Memorial Volunteer of the Year Award

Many thanks and congratulations go to the
2017 Senior Provincial Championship Organizing Committee
for their dedication and commitment to OLLB.

The 2017 Senior Provincial Championship Tournament was held in Orleans in July. Your organizing committee, from left to right:

Lisa Weston – Chair, League President Gordon Crookston, Allan Tremblay. Not present – Art Weston, Steven Byers, Bruce Murdock, Leah Pittman, and the Parents, Siblings and Friends of the 2017 Senior Red Sox team.

Past recipients

2016  Allan Tremblay
2015 Junior Provincial Championship Organizing Committee
Bruce Murdock, Chuck Dufton, Steven Byers, Lisa Weston (Chair), Wayne Crutchlow, Gordon Crookston, Brad Montgomery, Allan Tremblay.
2014 Stephane St-Martin
2013 Eric Louis-Seize
2012 John Dunn
2011 Rob Romard, Art Weston
2010 Bernie Hughes, Dan Rigley

The Ontario Senior Provincial Tournament Committee
Brad Montgomery – Chair; Donna Roney; Dan Lajeunesse; Heather Lajeunesse; Graham Rodd; Larry McClosky; Sheila McLeod; and the parents, siblings, and friends of the 2009 Orleans Senior Red Sox

2008 Patrick Lacombe
2007 Denis Poulin and Lisa Weston
2006 No Presentation
2005 The Ontario Major Provincial Tournament Committee:
Brad Montgomery, Chair; Vic Decloux, Vice Chair; Paul Charron; Wayne Crutchlow; Joanne Fraser; Judith Sarazin; The parents and siblings of the 2005 Orleans Major Redsox
2004 No Presentation
2003 Frank Theriault
2002 Bob Green
2001 Earl Smith
2000 Guy Bertrand
1999 Shane Alexander
1998 Don Loguisto

The Ontario Junior Provincial Tournament Committee:
Ed Simac (Chair); J Asqith; R Brown; J Caron; R Caron; G Carriere; M Carriere; B Dewar; G Crookston; J Goulet; S Goulet; M‑L Simac; D Loguisto; D Miller; K Miller; K Noel; L Leroux; G Stogaitis; G Stogaitis; C Stone; D Stone

1996 Carolyn Holmes
1995 Lou Nistico
1994 Margaret Bunker

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