Become a Volunteer

Become a Volunteer

Thank you for volunteering with OLLB!

All volunteers who come in contact with OLLB’s athletes, without exception (managers, coaches, convenors, assistants, etc…) are required to complete and upload the following to their profile on LeagueGM:

Volunteer Form (every year)
Volunteer Form (2021) Produced and required by Little League Canada.
Police Record Check Form (every 3 years)
Police Record Check Form
Police Check Fee Waiver Request
Online Police Records Check
offered by Ottawa Police Service
Applicant Checklist
for OPS Online
Complete a copy of the Police Record Check Form and submit in person, along with the Police Check Fee Waiver Request, to the Ottawa Police – Tenth Line Detachment. Please note: Processing time can be upwards of 4-6 weeks. It is Orleans Little League Baseball’s policy that all volunteers must have a valid, current Police Check before they can step on the field. OLLB requires that Police Checks be renewed every 3 years. Police Checks performed for other local minor sports associations are accepted, provided that the form that is used is the same as the one provided above.The Ottawa Police Service has altered operating procedures and no longer offer express service at the Elgin St. Detachment as in past years. Service option alternatives are available at the OPS website. However, the request to waive the fee will not be considered at any location other than the Tenth Line Detachment. We apologize for any inconvenience as a result of the previous instructions.
Driver’s License (one-time)
A copy of both sides of the applicant’s current valid Driver’s License in one image file only, please.
Police Records Check Receipt (optional)
This is helpful when there are long delays in processing Police Records Checks (PRCs) and the season is approaching or in session. This shows OLLB that you have submitted your PRC request and you MAY be granted special permission to be on field with the expectation that as soon as you receive your completed PRC that you upload it immediately to LeagueGM.

Uploading Files to LeagueGM

1. Login to your account at .

2. In the Registrations & Family section of your account, under Parent, Athlete and Volunteer Registrations, click on REGISTER AS VOLUNTEER in the right hand column, beside the appropriate family member’s name.

3. In the pop-up window, select the desired role(s) and click SAVE. After the submission saves successfully, click CLOSE. You will then be returned to the Registrations & Family page. Within a couple of minutes, the page will be updated and the REGISTER AS VOLUNTEER option will be replaced with a list of required documents (listed above).

4. Click the Upload a new file link which corresponds to the document that you wish to upload. You will be prompted to locate the file for upload. Do so, and click Upload File. The file prompt will be replaced by the file. Click on the linked filename to view the file.

You will be contacted prior to the commencement of the season and advised of your assigned role.

Contact the Safety Officer should you have any questions about volunteering or the volunteer registration process.

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